Maple is an extremely hard wood with a fine, even texture. Color can be light to cream-colored. It’s uniform straight grain may show wavy, bird’s eye, or burl graining. Popular for its durability and luster.


Cherry, a closed-grain, uniform-texture hardwood, shows distinctive curly figures and pin knots. Natural pale-yellow sapwood to reddish brown heartwood darkens over time. It’s attractive in a deep stain.


Painted finishes combine hardwoods and engineered materials for stability, consistency and durability, with minimal grain visibility. Joint lines may appear due to the wood’s natural expansion and contraction.


Duraform uses advanced manufacturing to bond foils and coatings to medium-density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard and similar materials for exceptional stability, consistency and durability.


Hardwoods include dense-structured maple, oak, birch, cherry, hickory, poplar, and ash. Color ranges from light blonde to dark reddish-brown. Variations of graining, color, and mineral streaks are natural.


Thermofoil is a process that bonds a thick vinyl film to a warp-resistant engineered wood core. Because color is throughout the film, the surface is durable, easy-clean and resistant to chipping and cracking.