With our June 2022 Launch, Timberlake is greatly expanding our product offering by introducing a variety of new finishes, cabinet sizes, hardware, and range hoods – creating a much more modern finish palette and providing the decorative flourishes that are in demand.

Four new finishes are being added to the Timberlake palette:

Alongside these finish additions, we are expanding and refreshing other facets of the offering:

New Finishes Gallery

New Hardware

With the June 2022 launch, we have crafted an offering that now includes a total of 158 pieces. This consists of 44 top selling items of the old program, in addition to 114 new pieces – with a focus on designer favorites in the most popular finishes. This refreshed offering creates a wide variety of stylistic pieces that builders and homeowners alike will love.

To see the complete offering, head over to the hardware section of our website for a more in-depth view!

New Cabinet Sizes

Additional sizes to accommodate modern appliances and to fill current sizing gaps have been added to our product offering. These additions will expand the available width ranges in several areas – adding flexibility continuing with the strategy of making Timberlake an easy-to-design product offering.

To see the new sizes and our complete offering, refer to our June 2022 Specification Guide for details.


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